Future Retro (2020) Bluray/DVD Combo Pack
Future Retro (2020) Bluray/DVD Combo Pack

Future Retro (2020) Bluray/DVD Combo Pack

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With 71 years of fresh stories and perspectives from across the globe, Future Retro celebrates heroes from the glory days, athletes of today, and that retro energy keeping the winter dream alive.

In Switzerland, progressive young female skiers Lexi duPont and Amie Engerbretson journey to the heart of deep-rooted ski culture. And freeskiers Baker Boyd and Victor Major rip the endless peaks of Iceland, using a 1,300-year-old farm as their base camp. 

Then, recount the sport's pioneering days with legendary skiers Scot Schmidt, Tom Day, and the Egan brothers as they show a new crop of athletes why they are responsible for the extreme-skiing movement of the ’80s and ’90s. Plus, Montana’s next generation of skiers and riders, Parkin Costain, Jack Lovely, and Maria Lovely, show the legends just what it means to challenge the status quo. 

From competitive triumph on the road to the podium in Killington, Vermont local Jim Ryan and former Olympian Kaylin Richardson travel along to revel in the thrills of the 2019 Audi FIS Women’s World Cup race. We push the boundaries of big mountain skiing in Alaska with Forrest Jillson and Tanner Rainville at Points North Heli-Adventures.  

Watch as snowboarders Danny Davis, Nick Russell, and Elena Hight explore the most remote wilderness at the bottom of the world: the Antarctic Peninsula. And Marcus Caston takes viewers to Squaw Valley in search of classic spring slush bump skiing, meeting up with friends like Jonny Moseley along the way. You can’t anticipate the future without taking a look back at the past. Future Retro will be that connection—yesterday, today, and all of the tomorrows to come.