Chasing Shadows (2015) BluRay/DVD Combo Pack

Chasing Shadows (2015) BluRay/DVD Combo Pack

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Chasing Shadows, the 66th annual winter sports film from Warren Miller Entertainment is a celebration of why we commit ourselves every winter to a passion that’s guaranteed to melt away every spring. Warren Miller once said, “A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom,” and this year, we’re chasing storms, snow, lines that live on the world’s highest peaks, and the freedom that these things grant us. 

Follow the world’s biggest names in skiing and snowboarding on a breathtaking cinematic journey as they push toward the edge, where the mountain’s shadow cast below is all that leads the way. Watch JT Holmes, Seth Wescott, Caroline Gleich, Steven Nyman, Marcus Caston and more as they pursue turns on the mountains of their dreams: Chamonix, Alaska’s Chugach, Utah’s Wasatch and the mightiest range of them all: the Himalaya.

Explore what it means to be inspired, and what it is about exotic locations and snow-covered summits that motivate us to keep searching for more. As skiers and snowboarders, we chase a feeling, a memory, a storm, a turn — we’ve been chasing it our whole lives and we’ll keep chasing it a lifetime more. 

Athletes: Rob Kingwill - Seth Wescott - Chris Anthony - Rachael Burks - Sho Kashima - Hannah Kearney - Jonny Moseley - K.C. Oakley - Dylan Walczyk - Caroline Gleich - Jeremy Jensen - Steven Nyman - Matt Philippi - Ian Provo - Neil Provo - Lexi duPont - Amie Engerbretson - McKenna Peterson - Øystein Aasheim - Marcus Caston - Kaylin Richardson - Espen Fadnes – JT Holmes - Ian McIntosh - Ingrid Backstrom - Sage Cattabriga-Alosa - Mark Abma - Rory Bushfield - Chris Benchetler - Pep Fujas - Eric Pollard

Destinations: Nepal - Colorado - Wyoming - Utah - Alaska - France - Chile - Italy - Japan - Switzerland


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